About Casa Deco

The art of living

The art of living is the art of uniting dreams and reality…

We’re mad about the glamor of Art Deco, delicious healthy food, all forms of culture and being with friends. So we brought them together to create Casa Deco, a beautiful boutique hotel in Tiquipaya, Cochabamba, where we can indulge our passions and create relaxing and special moments with our friends and guests. It may be a bit eccentric to have a small Islamic garden or an English summer house, take Afternoon Tea like in the 1920s or have cocktails with soft music at sunset, but this is the life we ​​want to live … and share.

The Best of Art Deco

Design styles come and go, but the Art Deco of the 1920s and 1930s continues to captivate and excite, and still influences designers today. It first appeared in France, taking its name from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. The style was quickly accepted throughout the world, affecting various disciplines, from the visual and decorative arts to fashion, architecture , furniture, filmography and product design.

Art Deco was often glamorous and extravagant. As a design movement inspired by industrialization and technical progress, it incorporated striking geometric patterns in symmetrical arrangements, stylized figures, and a variety of modern materials, including chrome, opalescent glass, and plastics.

Casa Deco is probably the best example of Art Deco architecture and interior design in South America. Our guests can step into the past and ‘live Art Deco’ in an atmosphere created by pure Art Deco architecture and a wealth of original 1920s and 1930s European furniture, ornaments, tableware, lighting and other artifacts collected over many years. For example:

Deco light and moulding
Classic facade of Casa Deco
Fireplace clock
Art Deco figurine
Main entrance
Cosy corner in lounge

Rooms with Character

All our spacious rooms have a very distinctive character and feature a walk-in dressing room, attractive en-suite bathroom and lovely generous balcony or private terrace. Without counting balcony or terrace, the various rooms measure between 30 m2 and 60 m2, and most have a view of the mountains.

Three rooms are mainly Art Deco in their decoration and furnishings. A stay at Casa Deco Hotel Boutique is therefore unique and unforgettable. Learn more about the rooms and services here.

The Ben Nicholson Room
The Amy Johnson Room
The Coco Chanel Room

Environmentally Friendly and Living without Violence

We are trying to adopt good environmental practices: solar panels for hot water, food prepared with mostly locally sourced organic ingredients, recycling, energy efficient lighting. We have achieved something, however we know that there is always more to do.

Casa Deco approves of living without violence and therefore offers mainly vegetarian food. But tasty and original dishes from all over the world!

Things to Do

Casa Deco offers much to help you relax: enjoy our extensive gardens with the English summer house, pergolas, Islamic garden and constant birdsong; relax in our heated pool, sauna, or cinema room; curl up with a book on the porch; or have a cocktail on one of the terraces.

We can advise you on visiting nearby attractions such as waterfalls, mountain walks, artisanal food production and a bird sanctuary. We are happy to lend bikes to explore the local area and can advise you on local walks. The hustle and bustle of central Cochabamba is a world away…or thirty minutes by taxi.

Pool and Sauna
English Summerhouse
Waterfall near Tiquipaya