Typical Evening Menus

Typical Menu 1

V = vegetarian


Chick Pea and Lemon Soup (Moroccan)    V 

Stuffed Peppers with Melted Cheese  (Moroccan)       V  

  Mushroom Pâté, served with Green Salad and Toast  (French)      V 

 Salade niçoise (French)        V

Spicy Coconut Vegetable Soup (Thai)     V

Nacho Salad (Mexican)    V

Main Courses

Lamb Taghine  

(Moroccan; lamb, vegetables, raisins, chick peas in a spicy sauce, 

served with couscous)

Vegetable Taghine      

(Moroccan; vegetables, raisins, mushrooms, chick peas in a spicy sauce, 

served with couscous)   V       

Boeuf Bourgignon

(French: beef cubes, bacon, mushrooms and onions in a red wine sauce, 

served with roast potatoes and vegetables)           

Sweet and Sour Stir-Fried Vegetables (Thai: fried vegetables and pineapple in 

spicy sweet and sour sauce, served with rice)     V        

 Burrito (Mexican; tortilla filled with spicy vegetables, served with salad, soured cream, guacamole and spicy beans and rice; with or without chicken)      (V)


Chocolate and Orange Torte 

Lime Cheesecake 

Strawberries in port with vanilla ice cream

Apple tart with whipped cream

Fruit salad


Typical Menu 2

V = vegetarian


Mushrooms stuffed with Goat’s Cheese         V    

Tuscan Salad (Italian)   V   

Samosas and Cauliflower 69 (Indian)       V  

   Grilled aubergine with melted cheese, served with salad   V

Waldorf Salad (American)      V     

Pear, Pecan and Blue Cheese Salad (British)    V      

Cream of Asparagus Soup (French)        V             

Hummus, served with Green Salad and Toast  (Arabic)    V       

Main Courses

Zuccini Tagliatelle (Italian: courgettes in blue cheese, white wine and cream sauce, with tagliatelle)      V  

Mediterranean Pasta Salad (Italian; pasta with roast vegetables, mozzarella, olives, basil)      V   

Selection of Curries (Indian: two vegetable curries and chicken masala, served with nan bread, rice and natural yoghurt)

Lentil and Red Pepper Jalousie (French; Pastry filled with lentils, sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper, served with salad)        V    

Chicken and Papaya Salad (Laos; Pulled chicken breast, papaya, cucumber, spring onion and lettuce salad, served with crispy bread and vinaigrette of lime juice and soya sauce)       

Taboulet (Arabic: Mixed vegetables fried in cumin and sweet chili, and grilled cheese, sprinkled with fresh coriander and served on couscous)   V


Chocolate and Orange Torte   


Turkish Rice Pudding          

Ice Cream Sundae      

Fruit Salad